30th November 16.00 - 21.00

at The University Women's Club, Mayfair


Join us for ukwinehourlive at the University Women's Club, Mayfair, London this November! We will once again look forward to meeting as many of our #ukwinehour participants as possible - we are delighted to bring it back to London so that many more of you will be able to join us! #ukwinehour is all about wine and wine friendship. So many people have made new wine friends through #ukwinehour over the last few years, and this is a great opportunity for them to meet in person. In addition, for exhibitors, their audience is not just the direct audience of those who attend the event, but also their followers on social media. This sets ukwinehourlive apart from all other wine tasting events.

We will be joined by a number of wine suppliers and producers, showcasing a cross-section of wine types and countries of origin, so you will have lots of different wines to taste over the evening.

This time we will be using both the Library and Drawing Room for Tasting, Meeting and Tweeting, since Bringing People Together is what #ukwinehour is all about, after all.

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University Women's Club

The University Women's Club in Mayfair is the historic venue for our next #ukwinehourlive event. Both the Library, with its outlook towards the Dorchester Hotel and Hyde Park, and the Drawing Room will provide the elegant setting for this event.

There will be an all-day menu available from the Club for snacks and light meals in the bar and foyer.

We look forward very much to returning to the UWC, where we know the staff will look after us well.

The address is 2 Audley Square London W1K 1DB




The #ukwinehour community is delighted to welcome our friend and supporter Lee Isaacs to perform a stand-up comedy routine during this #ukwinehourlive event. 

More about Lee:

"I was introduced to wine at the age of 5 and by the time I was 18 I turned down a place at university for a job with Oddbins. 16 years later I still haven't had a vinous P45. With a background in independent wine retail I was Head of Education for Oxford's oldest wine school for 3 years and taught from Belfast to Barbados. My vinous proclivities lie mainly in Argentina, Italy and Germany. A decade since my last turn at stand up, I've decided to return to the mic."