“Sorcha Holloway’s ukwinehour is a brilliant concept; it expertly jabs directly into the vein of enthusiasm that so many wine lovers today adore”

- Dermot Sugrue, winemaker

What is #ukwinehour?

#ukwinehour is a weekly Twitter chat which gives a voice to anyone who has an interest in wine, bringing people together united in their love of wine, from enthusiastic amateurs to Masters of Wine, everyone is welcome!

The topics we cover change from week to week, covering anything and everything related to wine. I usually pose 6 questions over the hour, open to everyone to engage, interact, answer and share.

Sometimes we have a special guest, when the format changes to a Q&A for the guest from #ukwinehour participants.

To find out more, it is probably a good idea to follow the hashtag #ukwinehour on a Thursday between 19.00 and 20.00 UK time. Make sure you click on "latest" so you don't miss anything! And join in any time you like!

Summary of #ukwinehour

UK/Europe's largest #winechat

Founded July 2015 by Sorcha Holloway

Every Thursday at 7pm on Twitter

Reach of 350k- 450k unique accounts per week!

2 million + weekly Impressions

Organic growth over 3 years

Opportunities for sponsorship and promotional activites/events

Associated Live event #ukwinehourlive


"#ukwinehour is just what we needed. The UK wine scene has been so far behind other countries in its use of social media. This is a running jump forward in terms of bringing us together for a wine geeks' natter."

-  Mike Turner, Please Bring Me My Wine

Sorcha Holloway

Sorcha Holloway

I'm Sorcha, the founder and host of . I love to bring wine lovers together, both online and in real life! It means so much to me that so many people enjoy interacting during #ukwinehour and it has been a joy to see this community grow as it has over the last few years.

As well as running #ukwinehour, I also consult, write and speak on social media, wine and wine tourism so do get in touch if I can help you in any way.

You can follow my personal Twitter account @SorchaHolloway and my wine tourism account @awaywithwine ; I am also on Instagram @awaywithwine

"We definitely need more Sorchas in the wine trade…"

- Rosamund Barton "Rozza", R and R Teamwork

In the beginning:

I noticed in the summer of 2015 that there were a lot of engaging Twitter Chats about wine in the United States, but they usually took place after our European bedtimes. We didn't seem to have anything quite like that going on here in  the UK and Ireland, well in Europe in general, so I thought I would do something about that! I came up with the hashtag #ukwinehour, searched and saw that it had never been used before. And we were off! The very next Thursday I launched #ukwinehour to what was initially a small audience. With dedication and determination, I persevered until #ukwinehour developed into the thriving community we have today!